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March 2022 Online Workouts

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Probiotics for Fitness

The high glycemic simple sugars such as white rice, white bread and other over-processed foods, feed the bad bacteria and bad yeasts in our digestive tract/intestines, and raise our insulin which makes our bodies more prone to storing fat. One way to know that you have a digestive imbalance is by having bloating and flatulenceContinue reading “Probiotics for Fitness”

Are you a woman who is ready to do the work?…

I design workouts and recommend complete foods that are unique to YOUR needs! I provide education to help you to understand why we do a certain workout, and eat a certain way to make your dreams a reality! Join myFB Group: Flexcellent Fitness This is a safe space!

Protect yourself from an incapacitated future!

Email me for your consultation today! I like to teach you WHY we are doing a certain exercise, and why I’m recommending a certain vegetable/food, not just mindlessly making you do a routine.  Plus, it is all tailored to YOUR needs and current living situation i.e. do you have support at home from family, orContinue reading “Protect yourself from an incapacitated future!”