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March 2022 Online Workouts

Half hour sessions starting Wed 3/2/22 🔥MARCH 2022🔥          Mondays       Wednesdays               PICK YOUR TIME            Fridays PM me to discuss your fitness and workout goals 🔥Intro special🔥     Buy 13 sessions,     get 2 complimentary sessions $300.00 Online Zoom Here is the schedule of days. You choose the half hour time between 4pm – 10pm Cash App.$LeticiaFlexcellent

Probiotics for Fitness

The high glycemic simple sugars such as white rice, white bread and other over-processed foods, feed the bad bacteria and bad yeasts in our digestive tract/intestines, and raise our insulin which makes our bodies more prone to storing fat. One way to know that you have a digestive imbalance is by having bloating and flatulenceContinue reading “Probiotics for Fitness”

Are you a woman who is ready to do the work?…

I design workouts and recommend complete foods that are unique to YOUR needs! I provide education to help you to understand why we do a certain workout, and eat a certain way to make your dreams a reality! Join myFB Group: Flexcellent Fitness This is a safe space!

Take the word “diet” out of your life!

Happy Tuesday!!! I hope you’re all feeling great! Let’s remove the word “diet” and replace it with “food choices”. The ‘D’ word has too many negative connotations and pressure behind it. Just remember that any time we put something in our mouths, it’s best if there is a combination of Protein, Carbs, and Fat. ItContinue reading “Take the word “diet” out of your life!”

Protect yourself from an incapacitated future!

Email me for your consultation today! I like to teach you WHY we are doing a certain exercise, and why I’m recommending a certain vegetable/food, not just mindlessly making you do a routine.  Plus, it is all tailored to YOUR needs and current living situation i.e. do you have support at home from family, orContinue reading “Protect yourself from an incapacitated future!”

Fat Burning, On Demand Classes on Moxie

I created this series on Moxie to kickstart fat burning. There is on BOSU Bootcamp class, and 3 Step based classes to mix and match for a great month of Cardio, Brain training, endurance building and a whole lot of fun! Pick one Step class and do it 3 times in one week. Pick aContinue reading “Fat Burning, On Demand Classes on Moxie”