Probiotics for Fitness

The high glycemic simple sugars such as white rice, white bread and other over-processed foods, feed the bad bacteria and bad yeasts in our digestive tract/intestines, and raise our insulin which makes our bodies more prone to storing fat.

One way to know that you have a digestive imbalance is by having bloating and flatulence (gas). Assuming that you are not lactose intolerant, it is safe to assess that there is an imbalance of the probiotics vs.”bad biotics” in your gut.

If you are lactose intolerant, it is still a good idea to take probiotics (plus digestive enzymes, especially lactase.)

Here is a probiotic blend that I recommend.

The bacteria are all “Clinically documented” so you can be confident that these guys will have a higher success rate in colonizing our “guts”, as these are the guys that have been used in lab studies/clinical trials.

I recommend Probiotics by NOW supplements (since Garden of Life has been bought out by Nestle, I have absolutely no trust in their products anymore)

Now uses 10 strains so you know that all sections of both your large and small intestines will be covered!

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