Take the word “diet” out of your life!

Happy Tuesday!!!

I hope you’re all feeling great!

Let’s remove the word “diet” and replace it with “food choices”.

The ‘D’ word has too many negative connotations and pressure behind it.

Just remember that any time we put something in our mouths, it’s best if there is a combination of Protein, Carbs, and Fat.

It “costs” a lot of energy in the form of calories, to digest fat. It also “costs” a lot to digest protein. The carbs, preferably low glycemic/high fiber, generally digest easier, (don’t “cost” as much to digest), and will provide energy to the brain and muscles so we can think clearly and move swiftly, which also “costs” calories” and keep the mood leveled.

The rough fiber does not digest and serves as food for the good bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract.

The soluble fiber works to absorb fats that may be roaming around freely in the blood so we have less chances of fatty deposits in the arteries.

Ultimately, just remember to move the body daily. Fun examples are: Walking, skipping, dancing, lifting weights, picking up and walking with your child in your arms, or your dog, lol, cleaning the house vigorously, laughing and many more .....šŸ¤£

Enjoy life, MOVE!

Published by Flexcellent Fitness by Leticia

Certified Fitness Professional for 23 years

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