2 Teas that I recommend for strong voice and healthy stress response

Exercise, although it is good for us, is still is a form of stress for the body. The good thing about this stress is that WE, are choosing to go through this. With such a busy lifestyle, I have no doubt that there are other forms of stress, from work deadlines, balancing and taking care of a family and making sure that you are not neglecting your own self care at the same time.

When the stress response is elevated for prolonged times, that means that cortisol can build up in the body, which in turn, facilitates the deposition of fat around the midsection (belly fat). In combination with poor food choices, well, you know where I am going with this.

As an Instructor, I am constantly using my voice and placing stress on my body, so I drink a tea made by Organic India. The main ingredient is an Ayurvedic herb named Holy Basil which has been proven to help the body to keep a healthy stress response. It can help to lower excess cortisol in the body thus, helping you to keep a leaner midsection assuming that you don’t overindulge in sugar. I will write more about the other tea but for now, this is a practice run as well as to get my Amazon Affiliate connection going so that I can have some extra income, so that I can pay my rent, so that I can better help the world.

Click this link to purchase 6 pack of Organic India Tulsi Green Tea: https://amzn.to/2GyyKUU

Click this link for a 2 pack: https://amzn.to/2U6LOJc

When using products with proprietary blends, always remember that the first ingredient is the most abundant and the quantities decrease, with the last ingredient being the smallest dose. I don’t like proprietary blends because you don’t really know how much of each herb you are getting, but it still is better than nothing.

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