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Anyone who dares to be, can never be weak

Mindset for success

Leticia is a dynamic fitness Instructor who believes in the power of positivity, neuroplasticity and how the body can constantly improve, grow and change into what you focus your mind and work on.

With 26 years as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, she is certified in a variety of formats including:

*Pilates Mat     *Bodypump     *Silver Sneakers     *Barre     *NCSF Personal Trainer     *PTA Global specialty in Behavior Change in Exercise.

*ACE Group Fitness Specialist

Leticia cares about her clients and class participants! She tailors the program to meet their specific needs, with attention to detail in a methodical fashion of what will get results, motivate, and make them look forward to the next workout. 

When you finish a session with Leticia, you will feel uplifted and ready to conquer your day!

I meet my clients where they are, mentally and physically, to create plans and goals that work for them and their lifestyles.

Example 1 – I would never tell you to give up all sugar in one shot. We will take it step by step because I want you to SUCCEED.

Example 2 – I start your muscle building program with a lighter weight that YOU can manage while maintaining proper/safe form, and graduate from there.

Products and Services

Whether you’re just getting started or are a long-time athlete, I am here to teach you, encourage you, and motivate you.

Workouts, nutrition, supplements, everyday products, mindset…

I have created this page because many of you ask me what products do I use, how do I eat, and just because I want to help to inspire!

I am happy to help you to improve your health goals of fat loss, muscle building, cardiovascular health and meal prepping made easy.

You’re in safe and caring hands when you invest in my guidance.

Hire me today so we can get started on bringing out your best self!

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